Different Types of Incense Accessories and Their Uses

agarbatti-incense-sticks-stand-woodenIf you are a lover of incense sticks and other incense products then you must also be knowing the importance of incense accessories. Market is flooded with different kinds of incense accessories which are not only used to burn and store incense but they also look attractive. Incense accessories are available in various designs and are made from metal, wood, ceramic, and other stuffs which can bought at very reasonable prices from the market.

Incense Burners

There are several kinds of incense burners available in the market which are used to burn incense. These burners are not only attractive in looks but are also safe to burn incense and comes in the form of different art work objects, articles and other products. These burners are made from different kinds of material like wood, metal, ceramic, etc. and are available in different kinds of designs and sizes. Incense burners are one of the most important article among the incense accessories.

Incense Holders

A traditional incense holder(also called as incense sticks stand and agarbatti stand) is simply a piece of wood that holds the incense stick when it burns. It additionally collects the ashes, thus serving as an ash catcher in the process. Thus, these agarbatti stands are nothing but objects designed for absolute utilitarian purposes. However, in modern times, there are an inimitable variety of incense holders crafted from materials ranging from clay, brass, porcelain, stone, marble to coconut shells. Read more.

Incense Boxes

Incense boxes are specifically designed for storing incense sticks or cones. Incense sticks and cones when not put to use can be placed inside such boxes that come in a wide selection of shapes, sizes, and designs to choose from. The least expensive of incense boxes are simply sculpted out of wood to act both as an incense box as well as an incense holder/burner, whereas the high-priced ones are exquisitely handcrafted with genuine teak, rosewood, and brass. Read more.

Incense Ash Catcher

Ash catchers these days come in different styles and designs. There are the elaborate wooden ash catchers, delicately carved stone ash catchers and the traditional Japanese ones to suit antique home décor, while equally interesting are the marble and metallic ash catchers or agarbatti stands that complement the look of contemporary homes. Other popular types of ash catchers or incense burners are brass bowl burners, coil burners, cone burners, hanging spiral incense burners, etc. Read more.

Incense Towers

Much like incense holders and ash catchers, incense towers are objects designed to hold incense sticks or cones in place, as they burn. An incense tower holds the incense stick vertically, i.e., it holds the stick up. Moreover, unlike regular burners, incense towers are not open air but completely encloses the burning incense stick. Incense towers come in a range of wood, ceramic and marble effect in different contemporary as well as antique patterns and shapes. Read more.

Incense Trees

An incense tree is another popular kind of an agarbatti stand that is actually a perforated column. Incense sticks are put in the holes drilled into its surface in such a manner so that when filled with sticks it looks more or less like a pine tree. These agarbatti stands are beautifully hand finished and made using materials such as porcelain, clay, brass, iron, poly resin, etc. They make great decorative pieces and can be ideally placed on a mantelpiece, window ledge, or even a center table.

Do visit here for more information on different types of incense accessories and their uses which are available in the market. G+.

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