Imitation Jewelry to Enhance Look to Your Beauty

Imitation Jewelry

Imitation Jewelry

Jewelery plays a vital part in enhancing your beauty as it complements the dress you wear. It adds beauty and style to the outfits worn by an individual. Even a simply designed outfit can look striking if worn with gorgeous jewelry. Today imitation jewelry has become foremost preference for the young ladies and beautiful women. As the price of the gold has highly increased most women choose to wear artificial jewelry. This jewelry is also known as costume jewelry, junk jewelry and fashion jewelry.

Used for all kinds of occasions:

This jewelry is considered to be ideal for all kinds of occasions including anniversaries, weddings, pageants, family functions and proms. These are made of less expensive materials like crystals, pearls, beads, glass, acrylic, plastic, leather, wood, synthetic stones, clay and base metals. Actually the base metal is used for manufacturing artificial ornaments that resembles gold, silver or platinum. Some of the popularly utilized base metals are tin, vermeil, nickel, brass, sterling silver and pewter. Less expensive and semi precious stones such as rhinestones, crystals, Lucite, simulated diamonds and cubic zirconia are also used to make such artificial ornaments.

Following are some types of the Imitation Jewelry:

Hoop Earrings: These earnings come in variety of styles. These are available in half moon shapes and are found in assortment of colors.

Necklaces: These are most preferred imitation jewelry these days. These are available in various lengths and made out of stone, glass, plastic, wood, shells, metallic, beaded, ivory, bone, terracotta and jute.

Choker: This is a type of necklace that is short in length. You can wear these at the upper portion of your neck. These come with metallic, beaded, leather, glass and plastic body.

Chains: These chains are worn around the neck and waist and are made out of stainless steel, sterling silver, white metal, plastic and bone.

Armlet: These are bands that are worn around the upper part of your arm. These are made out of white metal, stainless steel, glass, shells, wood and even plastic.

Brooches: This type of imitation jewelry is kind of pin that can be attached to shirts, hats, sweaters, blouses, purses and jackets to enhance the outfit. Made out of white metal and stainless steel these are available in various images and designs.

Pendants: These are of beautiful designs, shapes and images. These are available in sterling silver, lac, wooden, shell, glass and leather.

Bangles: These are type of rigid bracelets that are usually worn around the wrist. These are found in wide range of colors and are made out of white metal and sterling silver.

Rings: These are made out of various kinds of materials such as well polished metals, crystal stone, white metal and sterling silver. Worn on finger and toes these are available in variety of design and styles.

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