Jute Wall Hangings for Wall Decor

jute wall hanging embroidered paintingThe main purpose of using wall hangings is to enhance the decor of offices, houses, boutiques and various other places. Some of the most common examples of these embellishments are art works, tapestries, mirrors and hangings which are well decorated with jute fibers. Moreover, those which are hand-made in nature are also gaining more and more importance with every passing day.

Nowadays, one can easily find a large number of varieties of jute wall hangings like embroidered fabrics, embroidered paintings, painting of jute cloth, hanging multipurpose pockets, hanging dolls, other kinds of hanging sculptures, hanging photo frame,  hanging owl, etc which are well associated with jute fiber base that might help you to enhance the beauty of your home interior. You can easily find such quality and classy jute wall hangings at reasonable rates if you can browse through some reliable and reputed online stores.

Different Types of Wall Hangings Made Out of Jute:

  • Previously, embroidered fabrics where used in various form such as wall hangings, royal clothing, pillow covers, table cloths, bed sheets and so on. Nowadays, the techniques which are used to embroider both cloths and jute fabrics have altered to a great extent. Now, you will find colorful threads, techniques and also materials nicely crafted on plain jute base which enhances the beauty of the entire piece, to an all new level.
  • Among various types of wall hangings available nowadays, one must get full knowledge about Kodi hangings. You can easily opt for quality Kodi hangings which are nicely crafted on beautiful printed cloths or even on jute fabrics which are sometimes painted with vibrant colors. Moreover, you can also see the usages of colorful nets, printed sheets and also mirrors for manufacturing quality products at the end.
  • For a traditional and authentic look, there are certain jute based hangings which are well decorated with precious and semi precious stones and also other embroidered patterns of various animals like tigers, elephants and camels.
  • You can easily find these jute hangings in various colors, designs and sizes which can easily heighten up the beauty of your home decor.
  • These are generally hand woven by some eminent artists who are into this field for years now. You can also look for the Rajasthani designer wall hangings which are the perfect example of Cottage based products made by Rajasthani women.

Other than the above mentioned types, there are many other examples of jute wall hangings which are made out of jute. As jute is considered to be a strong and durable fiber, therefore, the hangings which are made out of it can easily last long. The colorful threads and designs make the entire piece even more ravishing to look at. For more information about jute wall hangings and their manufactures and suppliers visit here. Author of this article can be visited at G+.

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