Eco-Friendly Cotton Bags Are Fast Becoming Favorite

Cotton BagsPeople have been using plastic bags for long. But the excessive use of plastic bags has brought forth some serious consequences. As a result a large number of people today have moved towards using cotton bags. These bags are durable and at the same time beautifully printed and designed that makes them a work of art as well. The most important thing about such bags are that they are Eco-friendly and even if they are thrown away into the ground they decompose and blend with the ground within a very short period of time.

The production of cotton

In geographical terms cotton is pronounced as a cash crop. It is a fibrous material produced in cotton plants all over the world. The main supply of cotton comes from China that produces the majority of the cotton in the world. However, most of the cotton plantations in the world are found in tropical and subtropical regions. Today the use of cotton ranges from the production of garments to bags.

Bags made of cotton

Bags made of cotton are widely available nowadays. These bags are durable and can carry a huge weight to a long distance without much possibility of giving up. Many people nowadays prefer using such bags as plastic bags have some serious consequences if not used properly. However, these bags can also be used as a fashion accessory as most of them are beautifully designed and are available in different shapes.

Advantages of cotton bags

The biggest advantage of these bags is that they are completely bi-degradable. As these bags are made from natural fibers, it is not hard for them to blend with the soil if they are thrown away carelessly. They completely decompose within a few days that also without harming the nature in any way.

Bags made of cotton look highly attractive when they are brightly colored. Therefore, these bags are also not devoid of aesthetics, in fact they are more elegant than other types of bags.

These bags are really tough and durable. Cotton as a fiber is known for its rigidity and so the bags made of cotton retain that property to a large extent. They can be used to successfully carry heavy loads for a long distance.

Bags that are made of cotton are widely available all over the world and buyers can easily get hold of one if they know where to look for.

Manufacturers of excellent variety of dyed eco friendly cotton bags and canvas bagswhich are made of 100% cotton fabric with self fabric handles.


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