Why India is Still a Popular Exporter Country in The World

indian exporters

It can be clearly stated that the growth of Indian economy is parallel to the increase of export business and that the Indian exporters have already elevated the exports to an all new international level. In the past, one can clearly see the major increase associated with export business in various parts of the country. Indian products are of high demand in foreign markets and thus, the flourishing of export business can easily be stated as a result of such growing popularity. In order to stick to such improvement, one must clearly focus on the man power and also the quality of products for which Indian products are so notable, globally.


Reasons Behind its Popularity:

  • Quality: The quality of Indian products can only be understood after purchasing it. Use of quality raw materials along with strict guidance from experts lead to perfect product at the end.
  • Availability and Price Range: As India give rise to mass production of quality products, therefore, there is never shortage of export items. You just name it and the Indian exporters will get that to you within no time. Moreover the price ranges of these products are also quite reasonable, so that anybody can afford it with an ease.
  • Government Policies: The companies exporting goods need to pay less export duties to the government for exporting goods from India, which adds a feather to export business in India.


Some Quality Products Which are Exported From India:

It is an inevitable truth that Indian exporters have clearly succeeded in carving a quality niche in the global market with the help of some quality products. Some of the most deserving products which deserve special mention are:

  • Agricultural Products: India is a land of agricultural goods and one can find quality spices and other variations, which can give a unique twist to any cuisine. Other than spices, some of the other notable products here are wheat, sugar, tea, rice and tobacco.
  • Textiles and Apparels: Cotton and jute products are gaining more and more importance with every passing day and thus, apparels, made out of these products can surely add a new touch to the same old Western wear. Moreover, people are in love with traditional Indian dresses which makes this field even more important.
  • Jewelry: When it comes to jewelries, nothing can be better than Indian authentic stones, precious and semi precious multicolored stones and some marvelous designs. Gold jewelries are one time favorite of the Western civilization and it is only in India, that one can find classy products with great style and elegance.
  • Chemical Products: Chemicals which are used in pharmaceutical areas and other fields like paints, soaps, dyes and similar areas, can be found in India. You are sure to get quality substances here which will definitely offer you with nothing but the best results ever.


Thus, from the above mentioned points it can be clearly stated that India is not only a land of surprise but at the same time a perfect companion to start your export business with. Quality products along with other positive features make it a favorable choice among all. To get list of reliable Indian exporters of any types of goods & services click here.

Different Aspects of Rice

Humans have been practicing agriculture since prehistoric times and since then there have been a steady development in agricultural methods from time to time. Rice is one of the most widely produced food crops on earth and is consumed by a large number of people across the globe. In the last few years the improvements in agricultural technology as well as the development of high yielding seeds have led to a drastic increase in the overall production of rice. The Green Revolution in India along with the introduction of more sophisticated agricultural tools has helped the production of rice skyrocket. Today, most of the rice production in the world comes from the Asian countries namely India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and China.


Rice is produced in rice fields composed of alluvial soil which is rich in natural nutrients. The rice plants need a hot and humid climate and deposition of few centimeters of water at the base in order to grow properly. Different kinds of rice are produced in different parts of the world, the most well known of them is the “Basmati” rice, a highly flavored and delicious variety, cultivated generally in India. Most of the rice producers export a part of the annual production to foreign countries after processing the grains at rice mills.

Rice Exporters

Rice is used all over the world to produce a number of delicacies. It is obvious that the delicacies differ from each other in terms of taste, flavor and ingredients. But all of them have rice as the basic ingredient. It serves as the staple diet of people especially in the Bengal region, South India and parts of South-east Asia. Grinded rice when mixed with water and some other edible liquids form a paste that is used in many cuisines. Nowadays Europeans are also consuming rice as a part of their daily diet.


Over the last few years several controversies regarding the production and processing of rice have clouded the rice exporters industry. The main problem lies in the excessive use of pesticides in the rice fields. These pesticides protect the plants from being destroyed by insects but also leave serious health hazards in human beings. As a result strict regulations have been placed in order to control the use of pesticides so that serious health problems can be avoided. Farmers as well as rice processors need to abide by these rules and any deviation can result in punishments.

Rice is mainly produced by unorganized farmers in the rural areas. However, there are many companies that collect the rice from the farmers and, process them in rice mills and sell them to consumers. Many of these companies have their own websites where industrial buyers can get an idea of the products and services offered by the companies. It is also possible to place an online order for rice but it is always advisable to contact the dealer in person while making a bulk purchase. This would enable buyers judge the quality of the rice and place necessary orders.

Jute Wall Hangings for Wall Decor

The main purpose of using wall hangings is to enhance the decor of offices, houses, boutiques and various other places. Some of the most common examples of these embellishments are art works, tapestries, mirrors and hangings which are well decorated with jute fibers. Moreover, those which are hand-made in nature are also gaining more and more importance with every passing day.

Nowadays, one can easily find a large number of varieties of jute wall hangings like embroidered fabrics, embroidered paintings, painting of jute cloth, hanging multipurpose pockets, hanging dolls, other kinds of hanging sculptures, hanging photo frame,  hanging owl, etc which are well associated with jute fiber base that might help you to enhance the beauty of your home interior. You can easily find such quality and classy jute wall hangings at reasonable rates if you can browse through some reliable and reputed online stores.

jute crafts from india

jute wall hanging embroidered painting

jute wall hangings embroiderd paintingjute wall hanging dollsjute wall hangings sun godjute wall hanging simple2jute wall hanging simple owl

Different Types of Wall Hangings Made Out of Jute:

  • Previously, embroidered fabrics where used in various form such as wall hangings, royal clothing, pillow covers, table cloths, bed sheets and so on. Nowadays, the techniques which are used to embroider both cloths and jute fabrics have altered to a great extent. Now, you will find colorful threads, techniques and also materials nicely crafted on plain jute base which enhances the beauty of the entire piece, to an all new level.
  • Among various types of wall hangings available nowadays, one must get full knowledge about Kodi hangings. You can easily opt for quality Kodi hangings which are nicely crafted on beautiful printed cloths or even on jute fabrics which are sometimes painted with vibrant colors. Moreover, you can also see the usages of colorful nets, printed sheets and also mirrors for manufacturing quality products at the end.
  • For a traditional and authentic look, there are certain jute based hangings which are well decorated with precious and semi precious stones and also other embroidered patterns of various animals like tigers, elephants and camels.
  • You can easily find these jute hangings in various colors, designs and sizes which can easily heighten up the beauty of your home decor.
  • These are generally hand woven by some eminent artists who are into this field for years now. You can also look for the Rajasthani designer wall hangings which are the perfect example of Cottage based products made by Rajasthani women.

jute wall hangings paintng embroidery

jute doll

Other than the above mentioned types, there are many other examples of jute wall hangings which are made out of jute. As jute is considered to be a strong and durable fiber, therefore, the hangings which are made out of it can easily last long. The colorful threads and designs make the entire piece even more ravishing to look at. For more information about jute wall hangings and their manufactures and suppliers visit here. Author of this article can be visited at G+.

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How Polyester Yarn Is Manufactured In The Industry

There are many ways for making filament yarns and out of them, the Polyester Yarn is made through the Melt Spinning Process industrially. Out of the processes, melt spinning process is used for manufacturing polyester, polypropylene, polyamide and polyurethane filament yarns. The dry spinning process is used for making acetate and acrylic fiber yarns. Polyester filament manufacturing is the most widely practiced industrial process in this field.


In the first stage of making Polyester Yarn by the melt process, the polyester chips are dropped in the Feeding Hopper, which is a funnel shaped mechanism. The chips are fed with the help of a conveyor belt. From the Hopper, the contents are sent to the DGP section of the machine from where they are again conveyed to the storage silos through air-compressed and pressurized tubes. From the storage silos the chips are taken to the Blender for proper blending. After the blending process is complete, the chips are conveyed to a Wet Chips Hopper and stored there. The amount of chips in this Hopper is auto-controlled so that too much chips do not fall in. From the Hopper they are transferred to the Drying System of the machine through an air lock.

It is important during the whole process not to let air get in. In the Drying System the chips are dried by hot air to control the moisture levels in the polyester chips. From here, once the chips are dried, there are sent to the Dry Chips Hopper and then finally to the Extruder, but before it reaches the extruder the dried chips are melted into a homogenous molten polyester substance by heaters. This substance is filtered through the Polymer Filters. This filtered polymer substance is distributed among four spinning beams where the temperature is maintained by a special machine that transfers heat. Here the melted polymer is purified through sand and metallic filters before going out through the spinnerets. In most modern machines the extruder can melt polymer chips and give an output of 800 kilograms of chips every hour under 250 Bars of pressure.

The molten polymers in the spinning beans are left through the spinnerets after it goes through the polymer pump, where the speed is controlled by industrial computers. The melted polymers that pass out from the spinnerettes finally are in form of a yarn and are very hot as they are still at a temperature of 290°C. So naturally the cooling comes next, where the Polyester Yarnis cooled and the yarn is solidified. After it is cooled and solidified, the finishing oil is applied to the yarn to lubricate the surface, both for protection, texture and more processing. Finally at the end of the process the end product, the Polyester Yarn, is excited by the winder.

After the main manufacturing process is over the yarn thus created is sent to the texturing department where it is layered and textured by machines. After the final heating and cooling the Polyester Yarn are packaged and sent to the markets.

External: – Directory consisting information of manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of polyester yarn and yarn products.

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Eco-Friendly Cotton Bags Are Fast Becoming Favorite

Cotton Bags

People have been using plastic bags for long. But the excessive use of plastic bags has brought forth some serious consequences. As a result a large number of people today have moved towards using cotton bags. These bags are durable and at the same time beautifully printed and designed that makes them a work of art as well. The most important thing about such bags are that they are Eco-friendly and even if they are thrown away into the ground they decompose and blend with the ground within a very short period of time.

The production of cotton

In geographical terms cotton is pronounced as a cash crop. It is a fibrous material produced in cotton plants all over the world. The main supply of cotton comes from China that produces the majority of the cotton in the world. However, most of the cotton plantations in the world are found in tropical and subtropical regions. Today the use of cotton ranges from the production of garments to bags.

Bags made of cotton

Bags made of cotton are widely available nowadays. These bags are durable and can carry a huge weight to a long distance without much possibility of giving up. Many people nowadays prefer using such bags as plastic bags have some serious consequences if not used properly. However, these bags can also be used as a fashion accessory as most of them are beautifully designed and are available in different shapes.

Advantages of cotton bags

The biggest advantage of these bags is that they are completely bi-degradable. As these bags are made from natural fibers, it is not hard for them to blend with the soil if they are thrown away carelessly. They completely decompose within a few days that also without harming the nature in any way.

Bags made of cotton look highly attractive when they are brightly colored. Therefore, these bags are also not devoid of aesthetics, in fact they are more elegant than other types of bags.

These bags are really tough and durable. Cotton as a fiber is known for its rigidity and so the bags made of cotton retain that property to a large extent. They can be used to successfully carry heavy loads for a long distance.

Bags that are made of cotton are widely available all over the world and buyers can easily get hold of one if they know where to look for.


Manufacturers of excellent variety of dyed eco friendly cotton bags and cotton carry bags which are made of 100% cotton fabric with self fabric handles.

How AB Cable Accessories Offer Effective Industrial Solutions

AB Cable & Accessories

Technology has changed a lot in the last few years. Every industrial sector has seen drastic changes and development through technological advancements. It is true that technology has made life easier and more comfortable. Today it is hard to imagine spending a single day without the help of machines. From communication to education, from transport to health care, each and every field in human life is now dictated by technology. AB cables have made the task of transferring power and information from one place to another much easier and cost efficient. But without proper accessories these cables fail to deliver the performance that they are designed for.

There are different types of AB cable accessories available in the market. Each has a different function to perform. So, clients should know which accessory supports which function before using them. AB cable accessories are used to keep the cables connected with each other and other modules. As these accessories remain exposed to different weather conditions throughout the year it is important to use durable accessories that can withstand different climatic conditions. However, most of the AB cable accessories are produced by reliable manufacturers who provide impeccable materials at affordable prices.

People who want to buy AB cable accessories can go through the Internet in order to get an idea about the products available in the market. As there are a number of companies associated with the business it is important to choose wisely from a wide range of options. There are many unauthorized stores as well who sell fake and improper materials under big brand names. So, clients should maintain an utmost caution while choosing these accessories because a single wrong choice not only results in complete monetary loss but can also usher some severe consequences.

Nowadays it is also possible to order AB cable accessories over the Internet. There are many online stores who facilitate the online purchase and sale of these materials. Moreover, the companies involved in the business also maintain their own websites. Clients can easily visit these websites and place an order according to their needs and preferences.

Ab Cable Accessories
A directory featuring manufacturers of various electrical & engineering products for durable performance and reliability.

Source : Electrical Equipment

Hand Tufted Carpets for Decorating Offices and Living Areas

Hand Tufted Carpets

Hand tufted carpets are available in various shapes, shades and designs. These are used for enhancing the decor of your living areas or offices. Most of these carpets are easy to clean and can be purchased at a reasonable price.

To provide extra comfort a technique is used for stitching materials of any carpets on to its surface. This type of technique was only used by Europeans but with the help of modern tools and technologies this particular technique has evolved with time. Now you can even make mattress with the help of this technique.

The hand tufted carpets are very durable. The materials with which these are made are well stitched. Most of these carpets are made from pure cotton. There are several companies who manufacture these products and color them with vegetable and synthetic dyes. They have well trained weavers and designers who modify the designs and shapes as per client’s requirement. There are teams who purchase the raw materials from the market and they do this with utmost care. They choose the certified vendors from whom they buy these materials. Designs can be of any pattern, it can be an oriental or Persian or even contemporary one. From designing to packaging of these carpets, all are done within the state-of-the-art manufacturing and packaging units. These units are well equipped with modern tools and they use modern techniques for manufacturing these products.

The loom which these manufacturing companies have can produce carpets of bigger length without any sort of joint. They can manufacture carpets which have cotton or wool or mixture of booth. The prices of these carpets depend upon the materials with which these are made. To clean these products you should always use proper cleaning agents and follow a proper procedure. Try to avoid harsh chemicals while cleaning these as these chemicals might affect the color and the material of the product.

While buying hand tufted carpets you should look for whole sellers and manufactures from whom you can directly buy these products at a reasonable price. There are other options which you can choose while buying these products. One of the best options is the on-line shopping method. With the help of this option you can save a lot of time and at the same time you can view details associated with the product. It advisable you should always look for an authentic website.

Hand Tufed Carpet Designs

Hand Tufted Designer CarpetHadji Jalili Knotted Carpet


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